Why Golf Courses Need a Mobile App

by Michael Armstrong

Why Golf Courses Need a Mobile App

Why Golf Courses Need a Mobile App

Mobile applications are on the rise as more and more people own smart phones. While the majority of people already own cellphones, the portion of those phones that are considered smart phones is growing larger and larger each day as these phones become more affordable.

There are two main reasons that a mobile application is a good idea for your golf course, aside from the fact that applications, in general, are becoming more popular.

Why Golf Courses Need Mobile Apps - Reason #1 - The Rising Generation

The rising generation of young people - Generation Y, as they are commonly called - has grown up with technology around them at all times. They not only accept, but expect, for technology to have a place in every aspect of their lives.

This technology includes videogames. One videogame in particular is very relevant to this conversation - EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour. This golfing game provides players with all sorts of information that they wouldn't normally be privy too while playing golf on a course. This information includes things such as accurate wind speed readings, exact distance to the hole, automatic score tallying, etc.

Why does this matter? Well, with a mobile application, you can add that extra dimension to your golf course that will make young people feel more like they are playing such videogames.

Your mobile app can provide them with wind speed readings

Take advantage of GPS technology to provide accurate measurements when they want to know the distance to the hole

Let them keep score on your app and automatically tally it and apply handicaps for them.

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Why Golf Courses Need Mobile Apps - Reason #2 - Streamline Operations

Here are just a few ways that a mobile application can streamline the operations of your golf course:

  • Book tee-times
  • Alert members of events, promotions, tournaments, weather conditions, etc.
  • Provide menus for your clubhouse
  • Host leaderboards

How to Develop a Mobile App for Your Golf Course

When it comes to a cost-effective way to develop a mobile application for your golf course, there is no better way to do it than outsourcing it at a website like Elance. They host thousands of freelance applications developers from across the globe. You can register and post your project at absolutely no cost. You set the budget, and then you sit back and watch the bids come in.

Then, once you've used Elance's tools to decide which freelancer you want to work for you, Elance takes care of the contract and guarantees your satisfaction with the final product. Head over to Elance and see all of the wonderful services they provide. You'll have a mobile application that will greatly enhance player experience at your golf course in no time at all.

You can also try an online mobile app builder service like Shoutem.  Click below to get started building your golf app today!

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