How to Start Your Own Mobile Marketing Business

by Michael Armstrong

future mobile marketingIf you want to make more money, start your own mobile marketing business.  Mobile marketing is the way to reach millions of cell phone users.  Your clients will benefit from an over 90% open rate on text message marketing that is integrated with a mobile friendly website consumers can read. 

Make Money in Mobile Marketing

You can start making money today by selling comprehensive mobile marketing services without doing any development work.  We reviewed companies that offer mobile reseller and mobile marketing white label programs so that you can focus on selling a platform that has already been developed and tested.  These solutions use your brand but let you keep money in your pocket. Less upfront money on development means more profits in your bank account.

Get Mobile Marketing Clients

There are millions of businesses that need mobile marketing as part of their sales strategy.  Current clients include:

  • Medical Providers
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Retailers
  • Non profits
  • Service Industry
  • Auto Dealers

Best Mobile Marketing Platform Providers


Trumpia White Label Program Review - SMS Marketing Platform

About Trumpia

TrumpiaTrumpia lets you offer an All-in-One marketing solution that includes text, chat, voice, email and social media.

You can manage everything from an integrated platform so that you can launch comprehensive marketing campaigns for your clients without spending hours using different service providers.

Trumpia Review Video

Trumpia Services Provided

Trumpia offers a variety of solutions that include:

  • Mobile voting
  • Ability to schedule Mobile coupons
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Text messages in advance
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Bulk SMS texting
  • Facebook widget
  • Integration with social media
  • True All-in-One Solution
  • Personalized messages with customers names
  • Email Campaigns

Reasons to Chose Trumpia & Free Trial

Trumpia offers free training and 7 day a week support so you can get started quickly and easily.  They have a free trial and by entering the coupon code MOBILETRAINING you can get double the credits.



Lime Cellular White Label Program Review

About Lime Cellular

Lime Cellular Review View Reseller ProgramLime Cellular stands out because they do not compete with resellers.  They don’t sell directly to businesses so you never have to worry about them undercutting your pricing.  They are focused on reseller success by offering easy to use products, a billing platform, support and training.

Lime Cellular review video

Lime Cellular Services Provided

Lime Cellular offers a variety of solutions for your customers including:

LimeCellular Video

  • Loyalty program
  • Vehicle listing (auto dealers)
  • Facebook
  • SMS Polls
  • Lead generation
  • Auto responders
  • Questionnaire
  • Text to screen
  • QR Codes – create and track them
  • Appointment software (perfect for professional services and salons)
  • Premium mobile websites
  • Property listing (real estate agents)
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter
  • Text to win

Benefits & Free Trial

Lime Cellular has an easy to use social plug-in so that you can send messages to your customers Facebook fans and Twitter followers.  Additionally they offer mobile website design so that you can sell a complete mobile marketing package.  They also let you set your own pricing and give maximum control over how you run your business, letting you sign up resellers underneath you.

Lime Cellular Review View Reseller Program


Dudamobile Reseller Program Review

About Dudamobile

Duda MobileDudamobile has an easy to use mobile website builder platform.  Their One Click technology lets you transform your customers websites into a mobile friendly version in a matter of minutes.  It is so easy to use I transformed a website in five minutes flat the first time I tried it.  It is so easy to use that you can have a mobile website business with zero tech skills. 

Dudamobile Video

Dudamobile offers features like:

  • Compatible with WordPress
  • Lightening fast, one-click solution
  • Graphic rich templates
  • SEO optimized mobile sites
  • Click for Directions so customers never get lost
  • Click to Call so customers can easily reach you
  • Synching with the normal website so edits only happen once

Dudamobile Benefits & Free Trial

The best thing about Dudamobile is how easy the platform is to use.  The graphics pop, the sites are easy to use and mobile friendly, and you can do all of it through their free trial.  You can even offer free trials to clients if you want them to experience the power of a mobile site while selling them additional services.

Duda Mobile  Reseller Program Review


Mobisit Reseller Program is the solution for web developers that want control and flexibility when designing mobile websites.  While they have solutions that are user friendly for no tech people, their real power is the CMS based platform that provides design flexibility.

Mobisit Video Review

They offer features like:

  • Online documents for customers to download
  • QR codes – create them and track results
  • Questionnaire and polls
  • E-commerce solution (essential for any business taking payments online)
  • Google Analytics to keep track of traffic and other statistics
  • Video Integration
  • Dashboard for easy access
  •  Easy to update and edit websites with no limits on editing
  • Free to start

Mobisit Free Trial

It’s free to start so sign up to use and see the amazing design features that are available for developing customized mobile websites for your clients.

Mobisit Reseller Program Review


piJnz  Reseller Program Review

About piJnz

piJnzThey have a variety of white label and reseller programs for business, agencies and marketing companies. This provides the maximum flexibility when designing  your business relationship and allows you to customize mobile websites that pop.

piJnz Review Video

They offer features like:

  • Mobile content management
  • Detailed reporting
  • Branded videos and marketing tools
  • E-commerce solution (essential for any business taking payments online)
  • Your own company website
  • Proposal templates

Free Instant Access

You can get instant access to their platform without a credit card so login and see how easy it is to use their services. piJnz is unique because they work directly with resellers and white label clients so their focus is on your success.



How to Start Your Own Mobile Marketing Business

Mobile marketing is gaining in popularity due to the millions of cell phone users and the businesses that want to reach them.  Make money today by signing up as a reseller and benefit from the mobile revolution.

5star review

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