Mobile Phone Apps for Golf Courses

by Michael Armstrong

Phone Apps for Golf Courses

Golf Marketing is Heading toward Golf Mobile Apps

One of the incredible things about mobile marketing and mobile technology is its ability to mesh with almost every industry and sector of society. Yes, your golf course can benefit from a mobile app, though the idea may never have occurred to you.  Even country clubs are getting into the mobile app game and building their own country club apps.

Mobile applications have the ability to augment any experience with added dimension of accessible information and interaction via mobile devices. The golf course is no exception.

Not convinced? Here are just a few ways that your golf course could take advantage of mobile applications.

Marketing Your Golf Course with Mobile Apps

If you want to spread the word about your golf course, mobile apps can certainly help. If you include sharing features for Facebook and other social networking sites, golfers can post updates while on your course, alerting their friends, raising awareness, and creating a digital layer of interactivity that has never before been possible.

Scheduling Course Activities with Mobile Phone Apps

Want to streamline tee-times at your golf course? Let players book them through your mobile application. Want to increase traffic during slow periods? Combine the ability to book tee-times with special discounts and offers during the times that you want to attract more golfers.

Golfing Stats with Mobile Apps

golf course appsProvide a score card as part of your mobile app and your players will be able to track and manage their scores right on their phone. This can be individual, or in a group connected over the internet. Your golfers will love the fact that they can see and share their stats within your mobile application.  Country club apps are here to stay.

 If you're hosting a tournament, you can also make the leaderboards available on your mobile application so that anyone who has downloaded it can track the competition.

You can also take advantage of the GPS capabilities of mobile phones to provide players valuable yardage information. This will also save you a ton of money compared to other options.

How to Get Started Developing a Mobile App for Your Golf Course

If you want to develop a phone app for your golf course, you can hire a company to develop an app for you. However, this is quite expensive. There is an alternative: outsourcing.

Outsourcing the Development of Your Golf Course's Phone App

Sites like Elance and oDesk make it easy for you to outsource the development of your phone app to a qualified freelancer. They have thousands registered, and provide numerous ways for you to determine which one is right for the job. Registering and posting a project is quick and completely free.

You set the budget for your project so you know you'll be able to afford it. Head over to Elance and oDesk and find the freelance application developer who will make your golf course an awesome mobile phone app today.


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