lime cellular review logoThis Lime Cellular review shows how easy it is for a company to leverage their bulk SMS marketing reseller program to expand your company’s product offerings.  You can grow your business by selling text message marketing services and mobile websites, all by signing up to be an SMS Marketing Reseller through Lime Cellular.  Lime Cellular provides a true white label SMS marketing experience so that everything from the demonstration videos to billing has your brand on it.

Who Should Sign Up with Lime Cellular

  • Marketing agencies all over the country are using Lime Cellulars white label text message marketing software to extend the services they offer their clients. 
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Marketing Training CourseAny mobile marketing company or mobile marketing agency can surely tell you that mobile marketing isn’t an option, it’s a need. Your Dallas Mobile Marketing Campaign needs to start the right way, cost effectively, and quickly.

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The facts proving mobile marketing’s effectiveness are undeniable, you’ll surely agree. So, when you start thinking about your Mobile Marketing Strategy, don’t partner with a Mobile Marketing Company or Dallas Mobile Marketing Agency without learning all the facts you can for free first. When you search for info on your Mobile Marketing Strategy, and how to start your Mobile Marketing Campaign, you’ll run into hundreds of Mobile Marketing Services, thousands of kinds of Mobile Marketing Software, & Mobile Marketing Tools to build your Mobile Marketing Platform. Continue Reading

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healthcare mobile appsTake a look at some of the mobile statistics below and you will start to understand why mobile is going to be such a big game changer for Healthcare Marketing.

Mobile phones are the perfect medium to market to patients.  Not only are mobile phones accessible on the go but with the advances in mobile video and mobile apps the healthcare industry is poised to take advantage of mobile marketing more than most other industries.

The growth of healthcare apps is staggering and its projected that over 500 million people will have healthcare related apps on their smartphones by 2015.  The projections also show that the mobile health industry will grow to 3-6 billion dollars over just the next few years. Continue Reading

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Phone Apps for Golf Courses

Golf Marketing is Heading toward Golf Mobile Apps

One of the incredible things about mobile marketing and mobile technology is its ability to mesh with almost every industry and sector of society. Yes, your golf course can benefit from a mobile app, though the idea may never have occurred to you.  Even country clubs are getting into the mobile app game and building their own country club apps.

Mobile applications have the ability to augment any experience with added dimension of accessible information and interaction via mobile devices. The golf course is no exception.

Not convinced? Here are just a few ways that your golf course could take advantage of mobile applications. Continue Reading

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With more than 5 billion mobile devices are in active use today.  Is your small business, church or nonprofit actively using a mobile website, mobile app or text message marketing to take advantage of this incredible means of communication? Just look at the infographic below.  Nearly half of all people never turn off their phones and over 60% sleep with their mobile device next to them and one in four admit to being addicted to their mobile phone. If you're still using word of mouth advertising, phone books, flyers or emails as a way of reaching your target audience, your group, business or nonprofit might be missing out on the biggest marketing change in the history of advertising. Continue Reading

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