Nightclub Mobile Text Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

Take your Nightclub Marketing Strategy to the Next Level with SMS

Nighclub Marketing StrategyIf you’re the new nightclub on the block, use mobile text marketing to get those clubbers out on your dance floor every weekend.

Using Bulk SMS Marketing

All owners of the hottest clubs know that it’s important to develop a fan base for your nightclub. These days, there’s no better way to do that than nightclub mobile text marketing. If you use the right company, it won’t be the most expensive thing on your sms marketing budget and you’re advertising on the device that almost everyone has on hand: a mobile phone.

One good way to use mobile text marketing is to give clubbers in your area special offers. After all, clubbing can get expensive. Why not take a load off potential partiers by letting in all ladies who subscribe to your sms mobile marketing list free one night? But don’t think that ladies are the only ones that can benefit from a discount. Let all clubbers in on the special offer fun!

Short Codes

Short codes are a string of five or six numbers that you own or lease and where people can text a phrase in order to join your list, get special offers and discounts or both. If you’re thinking about starting off a mobile sms marketing campaign, you might want to start with getting a short code and getting the word out at your nightclub.

Nightclub Marketing Training Course

Once you have a nightclub mobile text marketing plan, the first thing you’ll want to do is get your target audience/clubbers in your area to subscribe to your list. As an owner, you can think of several ways to sweeten the pot for the local clubbers. Give them plenty of reasons to type your nightclub’s short codes into their mobile phones.

Creating a Nightclub Mobile SMS Marketing Strategy

If you have experience running the hottest dance club in the area, you may know your way around nightclub mobile text marketing. However, even the most experienced club owners could use a little help. After all, there’s no such thing as a too popular nightclub!

Best SMS Text Message Marketing Companies for Nightclubs

Two text message marketing companies that can help with your nightclub mobile text marketing plan are Tatango and Trumpia. Both companies offer a free trial, which means you can use their sms marketing software without giving up one dime. As a business owner, you know how much $0 in a budget can be a great thing. If that alone doesn’t convince you to give Tatango a try, the company also lets you do unlimited mobile text marketing from their software!

Trumpia also gives first time users a free trial for their services. If you go on Trumpia’s website, you can even watch a marketing seminar free of charge. Free reign of their software, free advice?

Using these two text message marketing companies can be a boon to your niche marketing plan. The nightclub industry can be competitive. Clubs come and go all the time. If you want the clubbers in your area to become loyal patrons every weekend, consider coming up with a nightclub SMS text marketing plan today.


Get your Nightclub Marketing Plan in Gear and Go Mobile! 


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