Best Mobile Marketing Platform Brick&Mobile Review

by Michael Armstrong

BrickandMobile-LogoOur Brick&Mobile Review found that they offer one of the best mobile marketing platforms. There are many reasons why I consider Brick&Mobile to be a leader and one of them is how easy they make it for entrepreneurs to start offering mobile marketing services.

Brick & Mobile has comprehensive mobile marketing software that lets you offer clients all the features and solutions they need under your own brand and label. The Brick&Mobile white label program puts everything under your name so that clients, and employees, never know you did not create the software. You can start immediately and generate more revenue by giving businesses what they need – the ability to be found on mobile websites and grow their company.

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Start Mobile Marketing Business with Brick and Mobile

Brick&Mobile’s Feature Rich Mobile Marketing Software

Several companies offer white label mobile website solutions but are often thin on features. The amount of features you offer is essential for standing out from the competition and providing local businesses with the marketing tools they need to make a mobile marketing campaign a success. Brick & Mobile goes further by ensuring their mobile websites are designed to be found by Google mobile and stand out in mobile searches. This helps mobile campaigns you run to have more impact for your clients.


Brick&Mobile CMS Features

Mobile CMS

  • You Tube integration

  • Event calendar

  • Custom Domain Coupons

  • Unlimited Mobile Pages

  • Drag and Drop Settings

  • Built to Rank on Google Mobile

  • Use your brand, colors and logo

  • Automatic mobile redirection

  • Unlimited locations (find me)

  • And more!

Brick&Mobile SMS Marketing Features

  • Appointment Confirmation

  • Polls & Surveys

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Mobile Coupons

  • Short Codes

  • Text 2 Win

  • Mass Messaging and Alerts

  • Social Plugins

  • Detailed Reporting

Brick and Mobile QR Code Marketing

Brick and Mobile QR Code Manager

  • Option for vanity URLs

  • Change destination URL without changing the QR Code

  • Options to download images

  • Auto redirect to app store

  • Colored QR Code Images

Who Needs Mobile Marketing

Businesses need mobile marketing campaigns to capture the attention of modern day consumers. Brick&Mobile’s best mobile marketing platform makes it easy for you to provide services to these businesses and increase their exposure.

Mobile Website Marketing

  • Plumbers

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Restaurants

  • Bars & Nightclubs

  • Charities and Nonprofits

  • Churches

  • Retail Stores

  • Salons & Spas

  • Chiropractors

  • Doctors and Medical Practices

  • Law Firms

  • Auto Repair Shops

  • Dentists

  • Events and Festivals

  • Golf Courses and Country Clubs


Companies that Sell Mobile Marketing Services

You can join the ranks of businesses that offer mobile marketing solutions to their customers.  It isn’t just web developers or traditional marketing agencies that can use mobile marketing software. These are some of the industries currently working with Brick&Mobile:

  • Direct Mail Providers Marketing Consultants

  • SEO Companies

  • Offline Marketing Consultants

  • Direct Marketing Companies

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Advertising Agencies

  • Telcom Providers

Brick and Mobile White Label Mobile Marketing

Your Brand & Brick&Mobile’s White Label Platform

This Brick & Mobile Review found that they will re brand everything for you. As a resellers you will get your own website, flyers, and marketing material with your brand and logo. They have the best mobile marketing platform because your clients will think all the software is yours. You can offer all the features your clients need in a comprehensive campaign using mobile marketing software that enhances your brand.

Brick&Mobile Marketing Material and Reseller Support

Starting a mobile marketing business and working with Brick&Mobile is an easy proposition because Brick&Mobile offers a variety of marketing material and sales material to their mobile marketing resellers.

Brick&Mobile Marketing Material

Brick and Mobile - Mobile CMS

Brick & Mobile designed their mobile cms platform to work well with Google mobile search. Their platform is fantastic for SEO. They also let you integrate with Google Adsense accounts so that your clients can generate revenue off of their mobile website. You combine this with Google+ integration, signing them up for various registries to be found on Google Maps and all of a sudden your clients are Google and mobile friendly.

Best Mobile Marketing  Platform - Brick&Mobile Review

Check out Brick&Mobile today. They make it so easy to get started. You can sign up and have a full mobile marketing company immediately. These are marketing services that companies need. By working with Brick & Mobile’s mobile marketing software you can integrate mobile marketing campaigns with exiting websites, print collateral, blogs, and social media. They have one of the best mobile marketing platforms that you can use to provide your clients with what they need (Mobile Services), without a lot of upfront cost to you.

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5 Star Brick&Mobile Review

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