Mobile Marketing Crash Course

by Michael Armstrong

What is Mobile Marketing - Here is your Crash Course

What is Mobile MarketingWho would have thought that smart phones and the mobile web would have such a dramatic impact on the world as we know it? Everything is changing because of these handheld communication devices, and businesses are scrambling to keep up with the rapid pace of evolution and innovation.

Perhaps the most difficult change that companies must grapple with is that of mobile marketing. While there was a time and a place when marketing sought to reach out to customers, mobile marketing is challenging businesses to engage. Making your business seen or heard is easy with mobile marketing (mobile phone users have them on their person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), the hard part is keeping them interested.

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Mobile Marketing: the Early Stages

What we are in now is the youth of mobile marketing. As such a young technology, the innovation occurring within and around it is rapid and breathtaking. Many businesses acknowledge the fact that mobile marketing is the way of the future, and experts predict it will be the single most powerful force in the history of advertising and marketing.

Yet, despite all of this, no one seems truly confident about how mobile marketing should be approached. This has given rise to a slew of websites and resources dedicated to tracking mobile marketing trends and discovering which methods do and do not work.

Mobile Marketing Boot Camp

One example of this is the upcoming training program titled Mobile Marketing 101 being held by Boot Camp Digital in Cincinnati on July 10th. The talks given will touch on all of the major aspects of mobile marketing, including: SMS Text Marketing Mobile Websites Mobile Apps QR Codes

Mobile Marketing Providers

However, understanding how to use mobile marketing is only half the battle. The other half is finding the best providers who will offer you the latest features and capabilities in this quickly advancing industry. Here are just a few to get you started on the right track:

Duda Mobile - when it comes to getting your business set up on the mobile web, Duda Mobile has the fastest and easiest solution around - 1 click conversion of your existing site into a mobile ready version.

Tatango - if mobile text message marketing is your goal, look no further than Tatango and their incredible range of features and pricing options to fit any budget.

Elance and oDesk - if you want to outsource the creation of a mobile application, Elance and oDesk are the best sites on the web for locating and contracting freelance mobile app developers. They give you the tools to start a project that fits comfortably in any budget.


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