Mobile Coupons and QR Codes for Spas and Salons

by Michael Armstrong

Does your Salon/Spa have a Mobile Coupon Strategy

Mobile Coupon QR code StrategySending out mobile coupons and using QR codes are the latest ways to increase your salon revenue and profits. Whether you are a small salon or a large day spa, you can increase business, engage your clients and up your revenue simply by using mobile coupons and QR codes.

Mobile marketing is the advertising method of the future. Consumers are becoming more dependent on mobile with every passing year. They not only use their mobile phones to communicate, but they now use their smartphones to find and research local companies, as well as to purchase products and redeem mobile coupons.

Mobile Coupon Ideas

Mobile coupons are a great way to reward your loyal customers for their business. Sending out a coupon for a discount on a service that they regularly receive shows them that you have noticed them and that you care enough to give them a discount for something they enjoy.

For example, if you have customers who come in weekly for spa treatments, send out a mobile coupon good for 20% off their next one. If you have a salon with clients who get regular color treatments, those clients will appreciate receiving a mobile coupon for some free foils or a percentage off their next treatment.

Salon and Spa QR Code Marketing

Day spas and salons that desire to increase business and build their client base could do so pretty easily by utilizing mobile coupons and QR codes. Send out mobile coupons to existing clients offering 50% off for bringing in a friend or family member to try out your services. Another method using mobile coupons to increase business is to first use QR codes. Salon QR codes are a quick way for your salon to go mobile. 

Place QR codes on signs and advertisements for your day spa or salon. With the code, place a message that says, “Scan to receive mobile coupons for our salon.” People on the street who see the code and perform the scan will learn about your day spa or salon and receive a mobile coupon which will entice them to come in.

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More Spa and Salon uses for QR Codes and Mobile Coupons

Other uses of mobile coupons and QR codes which increase your client loyalty and engagement include sending out mobile coupons for birthdays. Your bulk SMS message settings can be set to send out a coupon weekly to everyone with a birthday that week.

The coupon could be for any service of your client’s choosing. Clients will also appreciate receiving a mobile coupon good for a Mother’s Day massage or other treatments in honor of Mother’s Day. Mobile coupons for the purchase of gift certificates around Valentine’s Day are also popular.

Mobile coupons can be personalized even further by setting up sub groups in your client database. For example, send out mobile coupons to clients who get frequent skin treatments, offering a special deal for their next visit. Clients who come in with family members or friends can receive mobile coupons that reward them as a group, such as 30% off the group’s next visit.

Best Mobile Coupon Marketing Companies for Salons and Spas

Establishing a mobile coupon strategy and a QR code strategy is easy with the help of a mobile marketing company such as Trumpia. Trumpia is a great place to get started, with a free trial offer and excellent customer support.

Mobile coupons are just a start, because Trumpia offers an all-in-one mobile marketing system as part of their free trial. Visit them to see how easy it is to use mobile coupons to build your salon or spa business.


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