How Realtors are Using SMS Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

SMS Marketing for Realtors How Realtors are Using SMS Marketing

The newest trend in marketing for Realtors in Dallas Texas is SMS marketing. SMS marketing for realtors allows you to send bulk text messages to your clients and keep them informed on new events, open houses, and much more! Through realtor SMS marketing you are going to have the convenience you know in your busy life.

You no longer have to stay in your office sending your emails to verify all of your details and information with your clients, you can just use your SMS marketing software to develop and future text that will be sent out in bulk to ensure that all of your clients know where they’re going, and at what time.

SMS marketing for Real Estate agents is offering a lot more freedom for the busy realtor! You are constantly on the go showing houses and meeting new clients. You don’t have time to sit in your office and send emails or wait for your phone to ring.

You have a cell phone, and you know that 90% of Americans over the age of 16 have cell phones. You are going to be able to reach all of those people no matter where they are, and no matter where you are. You have no more reasons to stay in your office waiting for that important phone call you can receive it on your cell phone while you’re out making money!

SMS marketing companies like Trumpia are going to be able to help you with any questions you have and walk you through how to build your SMS marketing strategy. Through Trumpia, you’re going to receive a free trial that will allow you to develop your SMS marketing concept for realtors and allow you to begin using bulk SMS messaging right away.  

You can also use a Trumpia Promo Code to get more credits during your free trial.  You will find the freedoms that are waiting for you as a realtor and the benefits you’re going to receive will seem astounding towards the future of your success!

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Another new thing that you’re able to use when working on Realtor SMS marketing is QR codes. QR codes are very similar to barcodes that you see on goods that you purchase at a store, only these transmit information that you put into it. Through SMS marketing for realtors you are able to send QR codes through your cell phone to your client’s cell phones.

Once they click on this QR code, it will load all of the information that you’ve uploaded into it for them to view. You can even add mobile websites for their convenience. If you send the QR codes in a bulk SMS message and they all click and view a link for an open house you are throwing tonight, you’re going to gain a lot more exposure than if you had to send out an email!

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Text message marketing is cheap and it is easy. It is fast and it is efficient. There’s nothing more that you could hope for in your marketing plan. SMS marketing for Realtors is growing quickly, don’t be the last to find out why. You owe it to yourself and to your company to jump on this train and expand your possibilities!

Realtor SMS marketing is going to change the way you do business. You’re going to find so many benefits and so many new ways to use these benefits that it will really surprise you. You will allow yourself to plan more events because you’ll have the extra time to do it! Stop living life at your desk and worrying about whether or not you’ve sent out enough information and to enough people. Bulk SMS marketing is going to ease your mind and create extreme freedoms for you in your life.

SMS marketing for Realtors in Dallas, TX may seem that it would be difficult or hard to understand, but once you download your free trial and begin using it, you’re going to find how easy it really is! You owe it to yourself to download it today and start building your business from the palm of your hand! Good luck and happy selling!


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