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Guest Post Guidelines

We get a lot of emails asking us if we accept guest posts. We are happy to share your writing with our readers. Yes, we do accept guest posts. Below you will find all the details about the guest post submission process.

What kind of material will you accept for guest posts?

Anything that is useful for our readers is considered to be good content for a guest post. Have a look at the other posts to get an idea of the guest post content we would consider. Some popular guest post topics include:

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Your guest post must be original and not published elsewhere on the Internet (We will Check).
  • The guest post contains between 500 and 1200 words
  • No Affiliate Links will be accepted unless prior approval is given
  • One link allowed per post unless prior consent is given

How do I submit my guest post?

If you have a guest post that meets the guidelines above, you can fill out the form below. Usually within 48-72 hours we will reply stating if we will accept the guest post or not. If we reject your submission, you are obviously free to use it in your own blog or to propose it as a guest post to some other website. We look forward to receiving your insightful post!

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