Does Your Church Marketing Plan Include SMS Marketing

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Church Marketing Strategies are Going Mobile

Church Marketing StrategiesChurches may not market themselves in the traditional sense of a marketing plan, but they do seek to broaden their base by getting more people to come in and worship. SMS marketing is effective at inviting and enticing consumers in a variety of ways, and any church marketing plan benefits from connecting with their worshippers and others through text messaging.

Church's and Text Message Marketing

Churches are in the business of spreading God’s Word. Communication through as many sources as possible can only help your church to grow and flourish as you wish it to. Communication takes many forms—phone calls, emails, flyers and mailers. Perhaps the most effective new communication tool is SMS text message marketing. SMS marketing is personal, fast, to the point and cost-effective. It reaches people right where they are, no matter where they are. SMS messages are opened more often and responded to faster than any other form of communication, aside from a face-to-face conversation. This is why your church will benefit greatly from including church SMS marketing in your church marketing plan.

Church SMS Mobile Marketing Options

There are many different options for SMS marketing for churches. No matter what you want to accomplish or communicate to the members of your congregation, SMS marketing helps you get it done fast and effectively. Here are a few proven strategies:

A large part of a well-functioning church is donations. Donations keep a church moving ahead in many ways and help to accomplish much good in the community. As society becomes increasingly technology savvy, more people in your congregation are willing to make donations via SMS marketing. SMS donations are fast, easy and convenient. With more donations coming in, churches accomplish more for their members and their communities, so this is a win-win situation for everyone.

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Using SMS Marketing for Church Volenteers

Another important aspect of church is volunteerism. Churches regularly promote volunteerism among their members and communities in a variety of ways. Through SMS marketing, volunteerism accomplishes even more, with calls to action and invitations extended at any time of need. For example, whether the need is on a large scale or a smaller individual basis, use SMS messaging to alert your members to service opportunities. Is a family moving in or out of your area? Alert members of the congregation so they can go and assist however the family may need. Is someone in the congregation suffering with illness? Send out a request for prayers for that person. If a disaster occurs within the community, keep members informed through SMS marketing.

Best SMS Text Message Marketing Companies for Churches

Some churches keep members encouraged through the week by sending positive thoughts and quotes in the middle of the week. Another strategy is to send out suggested Bible reading a few days before the Sunday sermon to prepare the congregation.

Members who missed the Sunday sermon for any reason appreciate receiving a brief SMS message noting that they were missed, or a message with the main topic from the sermon so that they can study it during the week if they desire.

Other church marketing strategies include SMS newsletters and messages to alert the congregation about upcoming church events. No matter how you use church SMS marketing, the members of your church will appreciate feeling like a vital part of something bigger than themselves.


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Klemens Wengert December 28, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Can you really receive donations from SMS? I wonder how that works? Also collecting the phone numbers of all the people that visit the church and having it in a computer seems like a very daunting task. I guess there must be easier way to accomplish this which i am not aware of.
Thank you for the post.

Michael Armstrong December 31, 2012 at 2:21 pm

thanks for your comment. Yes, churches are using text message marketing to collect donations as well as communicate with their congregation. the actual process of building your mobile phone number list is a bit too complicated to go into in this reply so I just sent you an email with some information that will help you understand the process much better.