BrickandMobile-LogoOur Brick&Mobile Review found that they offer one of the best mobile marketing platforms. There are many reasons why I consider Brick&Mobile to be a leader and one of them is how easy they make it for entrepreneurs to start offering mobile marketing services.

Brick & Mobile has comprehensive mobile marketing software that lets you offer clients all the features and solutions they need under your own brand and label. The Brick&Mobile white label program puts everything under your name so that clients, and employees, never know you did not create the software. You can start immediately and generate more revenue by giving businesses what they need – the ability to be found on mobile websites and grow their company. Continue Reading

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Texting TrendsText Messaging has taken off in popularity in the USA and all over the world.  You would think that because the United States has such a technology based society that we would have the highest texting rates and trends.

Who is Texting the Most

Women really do text much more often than men as you can see by reviewing the texting trends infographic below.  The texting trends show that the largest age group that is texting the most is 25-25 year olds. 

What Country Texts the Most

Are far as texting trends worldwide, the USA doesnt lead as the top texters, not even close.  Continue Reading

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future mobile marketingIf you want to make more money, start your own mobile marketing business.  Mobile marketing is the way to reach millions of cell phone users.  Your clients will benefit from an over 90% open rate on text message marketing that is integrated with a mobile friendly website consumers can read. 

Make Money in Mobile Marketing

You can start making money today by selling comprehensive mobile marketing services without doing any development work.  We reviewed companies that offer mobile reseller and mobile marketing white label programs so that you can focus on selling a platform that has already been developed and tested.  Continue Reading

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Retail Store Marketing is Going Mobile - Do you have a Retail Mobile Phone Marketing Plan

Retail Store Marketing There is one primary reason why you need to find yourself following the trend of mobile websites for retailers. Have you ever played a round of golf and found your ball down a small ravine, only about eight feet away, but you were unable to retrieve it? In that situation, you lacked one thing and one thing only: reach. Guess what? That is the reason mobile websites for retailers are taking off.

Retailers who have mobile friendly websites will reach more customers according to research done by Neilsen during the holidays. Continue Reading

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Mobile app use among the small business community is growing rapidly.  Creating small business apps is the new trend for small business owners.   Do you think that a mobile app could help your business?  Your not alone!

There are a variety of businesses that could benefit from creating a mobile app strategy.  There are pro's and con's.

 Take a look at the State of the Mobile App World

The State of The Mobile App World

 If you are convinced that building a mobile app for your business is the way to go, you should take a look at online mobile app builders.  CLICK BELOW NOW!

Build an App for Free

 (Build your own Mobile App - Click Above Now!) Continue Reading

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