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With more than 5 billion mobile devices are in active use today.  Is your small business, church or nonprofit actively using a mobile website, mobile app or text message marketing to take advantage of this incredible means of communication?

Just look at the infographic below.  Nearly half of all people never turn off their phones and over 60% sleep with their mobile device next to them and one in four admit to being addicted to their mobile phone.

If you’re still using word of mouth advertising, phone books, flyers or emails as a way of reaching your target audience, your group, business or nonprofit might be missing out on the biggest marketing change in the history of advertising. Continue Reading

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Does your Salon Marketing Plan include Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing or Mobile Apps

Salon Marketing PlanMobile marketing is a growing trend all over the world and salon marketing is no stranger to the concept. With mobile marketing you’re allowing your business to be seen online and easily accessible through your customer’s cellular phones. With salon marketing switching to mainly mobile marketing, it’s important for salons to start working on their mobile marketing strategy. The ideas are limitless and the ability to grow through this tough economy is truly there. With the right mobile marketing strategy and by setting up your salon marketing plan, you’re allowing your salon to be seen more and more convenient to the public. Continue Reading

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Get your Marketing Plan in Gear Restaurants

Restaurant Mobile Marketing PlanMobile marketing companies are everywhere, always telling you why you should come and join their team. What are you looking for when you’re trying to find a mobile marketing company for your restaurant? Mobile marketing for restaurants offers a lot of benefits and they are easy to use and convenient, too.

If you want to bring in more business, mobile marketing is an easy and fast way to do that. If you want to send out coupons or update your customers on upcoming events, text message marketing is the best way to get that going! Continue Reading

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Get your Retail Marketing Plan into Mobile Phone Marketing

Retail Marketing PlanRetail mobile marketing campaigns help you set up your marketing plan to ensure that your business is able to succeed in the fastest and cheapest ways possible. With retail mobile marketing campaigns you’re going to have all of the mobile marketing services available to you that you may need to get your business back on track!

Don’t stress the economy any longer, work more successfully with mobile marketing and bring in the business that you need and turn your business around.

Mobile marketing may be a growing trend but it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Continue Reading

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Review of one of the Top SMS Text Message Marketing Companies – Trumpia

Trumpia Review and Discount OfferIf your small business can use more customers and revenues – these Trumpia reviews and the included special Trumpia promo code are the keys you need to open the door to low cost advertising using bulk SMS marketing.

Trumpia offers a top-tier SMS marketing platform that will ensure your SMS marketing messages hit the mark every time. Trumpia’s SMS marketing service can allow the smallest of businesses to compete on an even playing field with competitors regardless of size.



Using Trumpia, you don’t need to worry about buying expensive text message marketing software or the other tools SMS marketing companies require.

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