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Real QR Code MarketingQR codes for retail stores in Dallas Texas have so much possibility that most retailers don’t even know. QR codes are like bar codes only they start a lot more information that a bar code. QR codes allow you to transmit large amounts of information in the tiniest space. You’re able to load an entire website into a QR code and transmit it through text messages. You’ll be sending mass amounts of information, to mass people in the shortest time possible. Your retail store is going to benefit greatly by use of QR codes and mobile websites.

Retail mobile marketing in Dallas is at an all time high. Continue Reading

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Small Businesses that use Mobile Marketing See Huge Gains

Mobile marketing for small business has shown itself to be an effective means of increasing the bottom line. While small businesses that have already taken advantage of mobile marketing have seen definite benefits from it, there are a lot of small business owners who have yet to utilize mobile marketing as the viable advertising strategy that it is.

In a 2012 study released by comScore, they reported that out of 234 million cell phone users in the U.S., over 82 million were using a smartphone. Today’s mobile users are easily researching products, comparing prices and making purchases, all with their smartphones. Continue Reading

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